“Eric speaks straight truth every person looking to create more wealth needs to hear. There are numerable ways an average person can retain and make more money reading this book. Awesome work Eric!”

– Jonathan Budd, CEO, Empowered Entrepreneur


Never stop learning and growing. That was the biggest mistake I made in the year I lost it all; I had simply stopped.

Lastly, the key to financial success: building wealth starts with your mindset. You attract what you think about most. Do you have a mindset of abundance or poverty? Do you feel wealthy or do you feel poor?
Your mind will always guide your actions. Start each day by setting your intentions on what you want. Be as specific as possible on every detail to create this reality in your mind. Then take action like you have this goal already!

You create your own reality!

I believe in you! Probably more than you believe in yourself. Each one of us has gifts…find yours and enjoy them!

So much love,

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